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THE INTERNATIONALE tells people's stories about the emotionally-charged anthem of the left, "The Internationale," which has been sung in hundreds of languages around the world as a song of hope and change. The film features stories and performances by Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg and people from China, the Philippines, Russia, and elsewhere. Through the story of a song, the film explores the importance of ideals, the fate of the left, and the power of music as a force for change. Best Short Documentary winner Woodstock Film Festival, short-listed for an Academy Award nomination. 30 minutes.     

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"A stirring documentary about the radical song and its impact on social change throughout the world." - Detroit Free Press 

"In his wonderful new documentary film THE INTERNATIONALE, Peter Miller brilliantly recreates the history, memory, and meanings of a song that has shaped the imagination and practice of internationalism for over a century. THE INTERNATIONALE is an exceptionally compelling film."  - Radical History Review 

"A striking documentary… Tells the absorbing history of how one song can represent both freedom and oppression, sometimes at the exact same time." -
Michigan Daily 

"Peter Miller's film about this song is a tour de force. In thirty short minutes, this film tells us something important about the history of the twentieth century as it was lived by millions of committed, enthusiastic, idealistic men and women. It also tells us something about the suffering inflicted in the name of that vision. It is a truly moving film." - Political Communication 

"A beautiful documentary  that shows the part music plays in social change." - The Michigan Observer

"Through personal testimonies (great Yiddish, Filipino and reggae versions) and incredible archival footage, THE INTERNATIONALE chronicles the power of one simple song of hope to change the world. Pete Seeger, the unofficial guitar-picking narrator, brings to this emotional story of tragedy, revolution and betrayal, a wonderful and laid back touch." - The Spectator (Raleigh-Durham) 

"Miller has artfully constructed a moving account of the social power of a musical work. THE INTERNATIONALE fills an important gap in American and world history but it also encourages workers of today to continue the struggle against oppression, emboldened with a greater feeling of solidarity with other workers around the world, both past and present." - International Labor and Working-Class History

"What comes most clearly into focus as a result of Miller's keen vision is a view of "The Internationale"as a song at once tangible and transcendent, specific and universal, and, like all enduring cultural forms, perpetually relevant despite the vagaries of history. - Film & History

Festival Screenings

HowTheLightGetsIn 2013

DC Labor Film Fest

No Borders! Film Festival, Miami

Vermont International Film Festival

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, London

Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema

DocAviv/Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival

World Community Film Festival, British Columbia

Northwest Film Center “Reel Music” series, Portland

Global Visions Festival, Alberta

Boston Jewish Film Festival

Northampton Film Festival, Massachusetts

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, Arkansas

Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival, England

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Birmingham, Alabama

Woodstock Film Festival, New York, Winner: Best Short Documentary

San Francisco LaborFest International Working Class Film and Video Festival

Atlanta Film Festival

Marin County National Festival of Short Films

DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival, Durham, NC

Montreal Jewish Film Festival

Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Crossroads Film Festival, Jackson, Mississippi

Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee

Cleveland International Film Festival

Ann Arbor Film Festival (opening night film)

Seoul International Labor Film and Video Festival

Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival




Documentary Channel, Canada

SBS, Australia

ABC Asia

Discovery Germany


Other screenings

Museum of Work and Culture, Woonsocket, RI

Old Labor Hall, Barre, VT

Raise Your Banners Festival

Citizens for Peace, Loma Linda, CA

Eastman House, Rochester NY

Society for Cinema Studies Conference

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Outstanding Documentaries of 2000 series

Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour (over 35 cities)

New York University, Tamiment Library

Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research

Socialist Scholars Conference, closing plenary

Midnight Special Bookstore, Santa Monica

Northwest Film Center, Portland

Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, NY

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

Media Matters, Hong Kong

Institution of Agricultural Technologists, Bangalore, India

Left Forum, New York City

London Socialist Film Co-op

Hofstra University

Volkskundemuseum, Austria (opening film, 1st of May exhibit)


Prizes and honors

Nominated for IDA Outstanding Documentary Achievement Awards in three categories

Woodstock Film Festival, Best Short Documentary

Short list for Academy Award nomination for Best Short Documentary Film